Saturday, October 30, 2010

Almond Cake Roll with Dulce de Leche

This week was my first grader's first field trip to a pumpkin farm. He was very excited that I was leaving his twin brothers with a good friend so that I could come along with his class. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and the field trip to the patch was cancelled due to the crazy "Cyclone" that hit Chicago.

So instead of picking pumpkins with first graders I decided to take on this delicious Almond Cake Roll. Between giving the twins lunch and picking up the older ones at school I thought I had enough time to make this. Big mistake! I ended up having to leave the house to get the kids with just enough time to pull the cake from the oven but not enough time to roll it. The result was that my rolled cake didn’t roll so well upon my return because this is better done when the cake is still hot. However, it still tasted delicious despite how it looked. Just make sure you don’t follow my mistake.

Almond Cake Roll with Milk Caramel (Rocambole de Doce de Leite)

Make the Caramel

Peal the label of 1 can of condensed milk. Place the whole can of condensed milk in the pressure cooker and cover with water. Lock lid in place and bring to pressure. Cook for 30 minutes. After pressure has been released, remove lid. Pour hot water out and fill with cold water. Let cool completely before opening. I usually put in an ice bath to make sure it is well cooled, opening it hot can be extremely dangerous. If not using a pressure cooker then immerse boiling water for about 1 hour.

Blanch and Grind almonds

Before grinding the almonds you need to blanch them to remove the skin. Boil water in a pan, remove from heat and add ½ cup of almonds. Let sit for about 4 minutes, then strain almonds and run under cold water. Remove the skin. Dry pealed almonds with paper towel. Put in a food processor and grind.

Almond Cake Roll

¾ cup + 2 Tbsp sugar

1 scant cup flour

2/3 cup ground almonds

7 eggs, separated

1 tsp baking powder

Zest of 1 lime

Preheat oven to 350o F. Line and butter a jelly roll pan (a baking sheet with sides).

Sift flour and mix with ground almonds and baking powder. Set aside.

In another bowl beat egg whites until stiff but not dry. Beat in sugar gradually.

Add yolks and lime zest and beat to combine. Fold in flour mix until well incorporated. Pour the batter into lined pan. Bake for about 25 minutes or until toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean.

Invert cake onto a dish towel-dusted with sugar. Peel wax paper off cake and roll the cake and towel up together while cake is still hot. Cool cake on rack, seam side down.

Gently unroll cooled cake, spread with caramel and re-roll. Sprinkle with confectioners' sugar or dulce de leche.

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