Saturday, December 25, 2010

Market Musings in São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil, may not be an average traveler's chosen destination. It definitely doesn’t compete with Rio de Janeiro for the title of “marvelous city.” And while São Paulo doesn’t offer an array of natural attractions like the water falls of Foz de Iguaçu or all the wonders you'll find in Salvador, it is quite notable as one of the largest metropolitan and economic hubs of the world. It is overwhelmingly considered the gourmet capital of Brazil, offering over 12,500 restaurants representing more than 42 different ethnicities which makes the city a top destination for any foodie.

And for anyone who appreciates food, a visit to São Paulo Municipal Market, or Mercadão (Big Market) as it is dearly called by locals, is a must and a delight for all senses. At Mercadão not only you can see fruits that you never dreamed existed but you can try all of them as the sellers offer free samples for buyers. Other offerings include meats, olives, cheeses, dried fruits and nuts, spices and almost everything a gourmand heart desires.





The magnificent 135,000 square-foot building that hosts the Mercadão also offers over 23 restaurants and food stalls where one can sample delicious food from all reaches of vast Brazil and the world. Make sure to try a pastel at Hocca, famous for its Cod Fish Pastel. Pastel is a popular savory snack in Brazil made with a fried thin and crisp spring-roll-like wrap filled with a variety of filling choices, including palm heart which is my personal favorite.

If in São Paulo, make sure to stop by the Mercadão at Rua da Cantareira, 306.


  1. Salaam sis. We have a Brazilian bakery here in my little town of Hudson; I looooove the sweet coconut rolls with cheese inside and their plain rolls are the best and only $4.20 for 12!!!

    My husband would go crazy at the Mercado; he loves fruit of all kinds and I think he could happily make an entire meal of it. Thanks for the culinary tour!

  2. Salam Katia, thanks for sharing the pics of these wonderful blessing of Allah, I wish I could try all of them:) everything look soooo yummy;)

  3. Oi querida, cheguei hoje de viagem, infelizmente nao consegui te ver aqui no Brasil :) Adorei o post do Mercadao, queria ter ido com voce!! Beijos,

  4. Olá, tudo bem? Bem, falando um pouquinho de mim..Sao Paulo capital, sou revertida no Islam há 5 anos alhandulilah. Amo muito a religião, mas não sigo ao pé da letra, inshalah um dia. Então, eu encontrei um rapaz em site de relacionamento muçulmano e ele vive no marrocos, marrakech. Ele tem 40 anos, divorciado. Quer que eu vá viver com ele no marrocos. Eu tenho medo de ir para um lugar que eu não conheço. Ele me ofereceu para passar uma semana na casa da mãe dele para conhecer a família e o lugar e disse que até paga a minha passagem..mesmo assim tenho medo. Não sei aonde estou pisando. Gostaria de algumas informações sua, se for possível. Como é viver no Marrocos? obrigada. Salam waleikum
    meu email:

  5. Oi Caca, bem vinda ao blog. Vou te mandar um e-mail mais tarde ok?


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