Thursday, March 3, 2011

Halal Mama’s Layer Salad with Rosy Dressing

 Although the weather isn’t cooperating, it is time to start thinking about summer. And, for me, with these warm weather thoughts comes a little perplexing about what to do to entertain my four kids who will be home all day. I have never sent my kids to summer camp and get quite anxious about the idea of that for many reasons which can probably be summarized in one word: supervision. What do you do with your kids in the summer?

As far as food goes, I dream of summer for the grilling and salads. I like to put together salad combinations that my husband will try, but with much skepticism. In the end, however, he almost always becomes a fan. The combinations my family enjoys the most are my Santa Fé Salad with Moroccan Honey Dijon dressing, my Greek Cranberry Salad with Lemonette dressing, and this Layer Salad with Rosy dressing. I must say I don’t measure anything and just put all together on a whim. This is why up until now I haven’t posted any of my salad recipes. But Jill came over this week and really liked this salad and said I should post it. So here it goes.

Halal Mama’s Layer Salad with Rosy Dressing

The dressing is perfect for this salad, believe me. But if you don’t want to make it yourself a good substitute is store-bought Thousand Island Dressing. It should work fine too.


Mixed Spring Green lettuce
About 2 carrots, shredded
About 1 medium beet, shredded
Shredded Swiss Cheese
About 1 cup garbanzo beans (1/2 can), drained

Place mixed greens in a large glass salad bowl. Then put a layer of shredded carrots on top, followed by a layer of shredded beet (just peel skin off first and then grate as you would the carrot). Sprinkle cheese and garbanzo beans on top. If you are going to serve right away you can put some of the dressing on top and then sprinkle the croutons. If making ahead don’t put the dressing or croutons on top until you are ready to serve. I don’t usually put the dressing straight on the salad and serve on the side for people to put on their plate.


Mix together:

About ½ cup of mayonnaise depending on how much salad dressing you want to make
Mustard, I don’t measure at all but if I had to risk I would say somewhere around 1 tsp
A dash of Worcester sauce
Ketchup, enough for the dressing to get rosy (pink)
Add a little heavy cream until you get a good consistency for the dressing


  1. É a salada que eu comia no Almanara quando criança, que delícia :-)

  2. Era isso mesmo que minha lombriga tinha pedido :-)
    Nao esqueci nada? Tem mtos anos q nao como a original...e agora me deu desejo dos charutinhos de folha de uva deles, yum!


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