Monday, March 14, 2011

Citrus-berry Terrine

As you know my kids love fruit and eat tons of it for breakfast, snacks and after meals. They also like jello, halal only of course. I don’t make it as frequently as they would like as I am not much of a fan. So it is not hard to imagine why this dessert has become a favorite in my house even with my husband.

The original recipe asks for unflavored gelatin which I couldn’t find halal, so I used halal orange flavor gelatin and decreased the amount of sugar asked for in the recipe. I also changed the amount of liquid to apply to the specific halal gelatin I was using. The first time I made the recipe I used the amount of liquid asked in the original recipe and the dessert never turned into a terrine, rather is was served as a cold citrus-berry soup. Yes cooking disasters also happen at Halal Mama’s kitchen!

Citrus-berry Terrine
Halal-ized from Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan

Read recipe comments above

1 ½ cup raspberries
1 ½ cup blueberries (or 1 cup raspberries, 1 cup blueberries and 1 cup blackberries)
Segments from 2 navel oranges, cut into bite-sized segments, you may choose not to cut them into bite sizes like I did for the pictures, but it is better that way
Segments from 1 pink grapefruit, cut into bite size pieces
2 packets Orange flavor Halal Gelatin
1/3 cup cold water
1 ¾ cup orange juice
2 to 3 Tbsp sugar (more or less to taste)

For segmenting the oranges and grapefruit: Wash and dry orange/grapefruit with skin and cut the ends exposing the pulp. Put orange on cutting board, with one of the ends you just cut off (flat side). Cut away as little of the peel as possible by following the orange's shape being careful not to remove the flash of the orange. With a sharp knife, and being really careful not to hurt yourself, hold the orange in your hand on top of a bowl to catch the juices, cut along the inside of the membranes that separate the orange segments. Slice down to the center of the orange. Continue around entire orange cutting out each section. Cut each segment into bite-size pieces.

Lay orange and grapefruit pieces over a double layer of paper towels on top of a cutting board. Cover with another double layer of towels. Set aside until you are ready to use them.

Boil orange juice and sugar in a saucepan stirring to dissolve the sugar.

Put the cold water in a large bowl and sprinkle halal gelatin on top. Mix with a fork.

Pour boiled orange juice on top of halal gelatin and stir well. Put in the fridge for about 1 hour until it starts to thicken and have the consistency of egg whites. Make sure to stir once in a while.

Cover a 9 X 5-inch loaf pan with plastic wrap so that you can easily remove the dessert later.

Gently stir the bite-size pieces of orange and grapefruit along with the berries into the gelatin. Scrape everything on top of the plastic wrap into the loaf pan. Jiggle the pan a little to settle the gelatin. Cover with plastic wrap.

Refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight.

When you are ready to serve, remove the plastic wrap from the top of the terrine, and turn the pan onto a platter. Remove the plastic wrap that will be covering it and serve. Bismillah!


  1. Katia, eu também faço uma terrine de frutas com gelatina, uso gelatina diet de tangerina e faço quatro camadas de frutas. Fica linda, mas esta sua arrasou, nunca vi tão bonita!! Bjs :-)

  2. Thank you so much for posting and sharing!


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